Grandmaster Lily Lau: What is the Meaning of Life?

img_3547-3In a short time, you will evolve beyond confusion and disappointment and arrive at the Dao. Ultimately you will attain great profundity. In simplicity you will find the most joy. Indifference is the highest expression of a mature life.

I dreamed I was riding a horse on the prarie with no restraints of any kind. I had no name or interests, no love or hate, and no fear. My life became a passing phase, time dropped away and I am ready for whatever.

Bring on the completion!

Original Chinese version: 
小時候,從迷惘到悟道,究竟有多遠? 原來都在無常之間,簡單最快樂,淡然是一種彻悟,人生的成熟。我夢想自己能單獨騎著馬在草原上奔馳,那裡再沒有束縛、沒有名與利、沒有愛與恨、沒有任何的傷害⋯我可以自由地在呼吸之間計算一下從生到死,從迷到悟,究竟有多遠,原來都在無常之間,簡單最快樂,淡然是一種彻悟與及是人生的成熟。



~Grandmaster Lily Lau is the eldest daughter of the 7th Generation Eagle Claw Late Grandmaster Lau Fat Mang. Master Lau passed away on March 17-1964, at the age of 62. Lily rose to her father’s position at the age of nineteen due to the circumstances and cultural expectations. Since Kung Fu has been regarded as an integral part of the Chinese culture, Grandmaster Lau, determined to continue her father’s dream, through hard work and persistence, she has continued teaching through out the years, spreading Eagle Claw Kung Fu. She is the first and only woman to take over a Kung Fu System and teach openly as a Kung Fu Master. In 2013 she was awarded Extraordinary Martial Artist of the World ~ Award for Life-Time Achievement.

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