Jai Uttal: The Meaning of Life and the Ever Blessed Queen

Jai_christine_alicino2881Hello friends….

We all know that our human God-given mind is a very important and unique dignitary in the great palace that we call our human incarnation. But in Bhakti we discover that the mind, sometimes agitated and sometimes tranquil, is but a simple servant to the ever blessed Queen – our heart….

Today, let’s let our minds rest a bit and let our hearts take the lead. Feel things more than think them. And stretch a bit outside of our comfort zones in order to express kindness and caring to another person.

The day may be difficult, or it maybe blissful, either way is fine. If possible, express your emotions through a song in the evening. If sad feelings have come up, sing them, if you feel great joy, please sing that. Give it a try.


~Jai Uttal is a Grammy nominated pioneer in the world music community. His eclectic east meets-west sound has put his music at the forefront of the world fusion movement. He is a “sacred music composer, recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and ecstatic vocalist. Jai’s musical roots embrace a rich variety of cultures and traditions that span the globe and the centuries. From the hillbilly music of the Appalachian Mountains to the passionate strains of Bengali street singers, from the haunting rhythms and melodies of ancient India to contemporary electric rock sounds, Jai’s music distills the essence of diverse musical forms.

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Photo: Christine Alicino

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