Charles W. Felder, Sr: What Is the Meaning of Life?

IMG_9193The Taxonomy of life has been verified from many asserted tones, to the most probable from efforts. It is not in the maquillage of Homo Sapiens to not know. From inception as a species, 80,000 years ago, the last of hominids from the “Homo Groups”, even today refuse to allow “X”, to remain in the equation as an unknown. Patience is not, and have never been a dependable ally for the man child. Such attributes, employed full time, could have by now, added patience to our inventory of qualities, allowing visitors, without detours and pauses from false eludes.

Many repeated social constructions, now verified to error, taught that the eyes had properties, that it alone could deliver paths to truth. If not knowing, was not judged unfavorably, perhaps, early man could have set examples to be followed as they waited for bread crumbs to fall, showing hints to be solved and verified, and a lesson learned early, prior to sequencing genomes, that the eyes, which evolve from life, are to be utilized for sight. and not asserts to absolutes, to most probable.

In the reality of the cosmos, there are two realms, one is physical (tangible) and the other non-physical (intangible). Much to the dismay of the impatient, methods of protocol have emerged, labeled the scientific method; which has allowed all data accumulated since inceptions of Homo Sapiens, a conduit to verifications, where avenues have provided science (all exposures) a path to what is most probable, in spite of any denials or desires to the contrary.

Humans have proclaimed self, as the leader of all evolved life, where the ability to offer queries from curiosities, have been one of the most astonishing feats from the “big brain crew”. Always assigning worth to exposures for purposes, while the query “What is the meaning of Life” haunts most. Replacing “x” with a self-desired value, have witnessed meaning being bestowed to many objects tangible and intangible alike and on many fronts. Science is and has crushed many dreams from verifications, proving that the universe is all natural with no alliances, and to interact with it is allowed only from the evolved mammal brain. There is truth in believing, but your accepted satisfaction is not necessarily true. One either thinks for himself or someone or some entity will for him. Only when one allows thinking to outcomes can he realize that the purpose of life is what the individual so assigns from his reality, the evolved brain, or comply to commands, because you desire no meaning for your life.


~Charles W. Felder, Sr: Age: 66, Self employed

Excellence Reporter 2016
Copyright © Charles W. Felder, Sr

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