Jac O’Keeffe: The Meaning of Life and the Values You Cherish

okeeffe4Excellence Reporter: Jac, what is the meaning of life?

Jack O’Keeffe: Looking for a universal meaning of life can steer you into a mid-life crisis. Look no further than to your own value system. Meaning stems from what you value.

What do you regard as having value in your life? If it is important for you to offer your best to your children then parenting will give meaning to your life. If you value human rights you will find meaning in humanitarian work. The meaning of life is a subjective perspective and is derived from the values you cherish.

What is the meaning of life for Jac? There is value in shining a light on what I recognize as Truth. Meaning is derived from helping others to see and to shift whatever blocks their own realization of that same Truth.


~Jac O’Keeffe, Spiritual Teacher

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