Lenita Vangellis on the Meaning of Life

lenita melb_2012_10_20_9999_52Excellence Reporter: Lenita, what is the meaning of life?

Lenita Vangellis: The eternal question that sooner or later, every soul asks.

I asked this question early on in my life as a deeper aspect of what I had come to know as self, couldn’t make sense of the world around me. As I began to remove the layers of untruths and programming I began to experience life with a heightened sense of awareness. I now know/understand that meaning can be found in every moment and every moment offers us an insight to ourselves and our reality when we are still enough to recognise it. In Dan Millman’s words, ‘there are no ordinary moments’. Living in Western Society and in a world designed to distract and disempower most people, stillness, and the magic that comes through that, is out of reach for most. In this state of disconnection, meaning is absent, an elusive fantasy.

Meaning for me, has come through awakening to my eternal nature whilst navigating the limitations of physicality. As Above, So Below… We don’t need to die a physical death in order to reconnect with All That Is. It is available now to each and every soul and our hearts are the gateway to communion with our divine nature.

The energetic vibration of Unconditional Love is our essence, remembering and embodying that whilst in this physical body is what gives life meaning. Evolving past the self and living in an expansive field with the knowing that all is one and connected.

Life on Earth is like a data collection point, where we can experience the full spectrum of energy through our emotions. Life is a gift, transient and potent and the greatest moments are when we are most uncomfortable and out of ease. When we can step outside of ourselves during these times and become the observer, insights and deep meaning can be revealed.

Staying connected to who we are in truth is the greatest challenge, but once mastered, one’s perspective becomes so expansive and interconnected that everything is beautiful and we understand that truly, everything is perfect and as it should be.


~Lenita Vangellis, author, model, actor, singer, songwriter, artist, poet, mother and wife. And researcher of Truth!

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