Gordon Tredgold: The Meaning of Life Is All About Stewardship

Gordon-Tredgold-ImageThe meaning of life for me, is all about stewardship. It’s about making sure that the world you find is in a better shape when you leave than how it was when you arrived.

It’s about helping others, not just about helping yourself. That doesn’t mean that we should not look to better ourselves, to make ourselves wealthy, but its what we do with that wealth.

It shouldn’t be solely for our benefit? And how did we get it, was if by the exploitation of others? If so then that’s not the meaning of life.

I want to do the best for my family, but I also want to leave the world in better place, and I hope to do that via leadership, helping to equip the next generation of leaders to be better leaders.

With good leadership we can achieve good things, with great leadership we can achieve great things and I want to help people achieve great things.

If I can do that then I feel I will have achieved my meaning of life, what I was sent here to do.


~Gordon Tredgold, known as the Leader’s Leader
CEO & Founder at Leadership Principles
Visiting Professor Staffordshire University
Faculty of Business, Education and Law

Copyright © 2015 Excellence Reporter

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  1. How will we know for sure if the world became better when we left it? But I’m happy to learn from you that we may find more meaning to life when think of how the next generation could benefit from the seeds we planted during our generation. Sadly, many of us hold on so tightly to the things that keep us from exploring on transforming our earthly resources to something that would make life and humanity a little clearer and closer to how they should really mean. That exploitation. That disease called corporate greed, how can they be stopped from blurring the meaning of life?

    Why we keep looking for ways to answer the meaning of life is an evidence that we have somehow gone to a kind of delusion where we simply could not easily find and embrace a picture or image of what life is. But I’m happy we begin in searching ways to define it however different we may look at it. My view is often projected from the view of the oppressed and it is entirely different from those of you who view things from your corporate and highly structured hierarchical predispositions. But all the while, let’s keep enjoying how we may learn from each others point of view. FB/cdfnextgen


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