Christina Lattimer on the Meaning of Life

ChristinaOne of the problems is that we all think the meaning of life is something different, when really it is the same, and we just have different experiences. There is also the distinction of having meaning to live our lives, and the overarching meaning of life collectively.

Over my lifetime, my awareness caused me to relate the collective meaning of life, to having meaning to live my life, and so the meaning of life has appeared to be something different at certain stages. So for example, when I was in early child-bearing years, I thought the meaning of life was to create a successful relationship and to have children and to love them perfectly. The problem is that the premise was that I was a human being with other human beings, and we are all perfectly imperfect. So I had set myself up for a meaning which I couldn’t live up to.

When it all went wrong, the new meaning of life for me was to overcome adversity and to show my children that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and that there was more to life than the times when we weren’t successful.  However now my children are grown, this meaning has also diminished.

So in summary I think we all need practical and physical meaning in our lives in order to function and keep going. However, we should link into a higher aspiration which is to understand the meaning of life for the collective human race.

Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that for me, the real collective meaning of life is to undo the learning which separates us from love. When we enter onto that path, (and we are all on that path, whether we are conscious of it or not), we realise we are all spiritual beings, experiencing life through a human form: We are all connected through our spiritual reality and it is this connection which we yearn to re-establish. However, we can only become truly connected when we undo the ego thought system (i.e. the belief that we are human beings and are separate). So in summary I think we are here to undo the ego and reconnect with who we truly are which is spirit, and the nature of which is true love.


~Christina Lattimer, speaker, life and business coach, consultant, facilitator

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