Naomi Firestone: Sol Lucet Omnibus (The Sun Shines on Everyone)

IMG_20140908_141737_edit1Awakened by the chill of dawn I bundle up
Mesmerized by jagged mountains standing guard on the horizon
Their starkness penetrates the early morning blue
Sharp pointed peaks pierce the crisp air
And crack open the new sun
A flow of yolky yellow
Glides gradually down sheer rugged terrain.
Like the out breath resuscitating the lifeless
A dewy day is born and embraced by the awakened
A witness to this morning’s miracle I too am recharged
Brought to life, to breath in this awesome gift
I watch the sun grace her presence steadily
Providing the source of sustenance to all life on earth
I join her quest to keep moving and we walk together silently
In the quiet of her company she teaches me her intricate details of generosity.
The warmth and happiness that she provides is overlooked in our sped up lives
It is to her that we should bow our heads
and give thanks for the food we take for granted
And when it rains, it is she who should be held in exaltation
as she generously gives again and again never asking for anything in return
The brightest star! A guru! A life force!
I think to myself as I watch her take leave ahead of me
adorning me with companionship until night fall.
My shadow and I take rest under an apple tree
I enjoy the sweet fallen fruit in contemplation…
I feel in harmony with life and all that is impermanent
Each changing moment is happening before my very eyes
The sky radiant with countless colors brings me to bend at my knees
And streams filled with gratitude run down my cheeks
To live one day under the sun!
tasting the sweet fruit,
bathing in her warm glow
dancing in her heavenly showers
what more can I ask for?
I watch as her majesty takes leave behind the ends of the earth
And with her disappearing light so does my trusty companion fade away
I bid them both a humble goodnight
Only to be witness to yet another miraculous unfolding.
Oh how lucky I am to be privy to this phenomenon!
Millions of brilliant faceted diamonds reveal themselves
And illuminate the illustrious heavens
Though tiered and weary I watch each instant
incapsulate the wonders of existence
Heavy halted eyes resistant to relinquish
this magical moment but in my last attempt to hold on
I grab a glimpse of a shooting star
before surrendering slowly to slumber.

~Naomi Firestone, 41, Child Care

Copyright © 2015 Excellence Reporter

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