David Zinger: The Meaning of Life Lies in 11 Minute Segments

David Zinger 5 LargeExcellence Reporter: David, what is the meaning of life?

David Zinger: Douglas Adams gave the shortest answer to the meaning of life, 42.

I believe there are many meanings to life not a singular meaning. I believe that we don’t find a meaning to life, we create it and co-create it with others. I believe some people find meaning in laying bricks, they don’t need to see the building or talk about building a cathedral.

At 62 years of age, I have learned to live my life in 11 minute, 11 second segments (my personal bricks) and I do my best to fully engage in each of those small segments whether that is writing a book or washing dishes. My meaning stems from caring and that caring is not simply a fuzzy emotion, it is bringing discipline, concentration, and patience to both myself and what I do. Finally, Charlie Chaplin once said, “Life is a tragedy in close up and a comedy in long shot.” I try to maintain perspective by finding my long shot and knowing, if I laugh, I’ll last.


~David Zinger is an employee engagement expert. He wrote 4 books on work. His most recent book is People Artists: Drawing Out the Best From Others at Work. He has written over 2500 blog posts on work, engagement, management, and leadership. He has also co-created 10 exceptional free employee engagement e-Books in conjunction with the Employee Engagement Network.

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