Ranjan on the Meaning of Life

DSC_3076What is the meaning of life?

Sages through the ages have taught that striving to reflect love, fair play and truth in all we do is how life derives meaning. We learn to do this through our relationships with the universe; nature, plants, animals and other humans. The syllabus, and the challenge, is to move from seeking to have power over to learning to empower, from seeking to control to learning to love: where once our emotional security came from subjugating others, it now comes from standing beside them as they learn how to be free.

Meaning emanates from facing up to this challenge. If we wallow in the reptilian brain, yesterday’s brain, the consequence is that we cannot taste the satisfaction or happiness we hunger for. Siddhartha classified such people as ‘hungry ghosts’ — beautifully described by Mark Epstein in Thoughts without a Thinker as eternally hungry but never able to satisfy their hunger. The only way to satisfy that hunger is to find meaning in our life. The meaning of life unfolds as one learns how to truly and fairly love — self and ‘other’ equally: other humans, other animals, other plants, the environment. We have to learn how to love it: not desire it, not control it, not consume it — love it.

~Ranjan, healer, health consultant and educator

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