Corrina Gordon-Barnes: The Meaning of Life and Finding Infinite Stillness

To resist nothing. To thank everything. To be love — which is what we are. 

Corrina-web-5-1Excellence Reporter: Corrina, what is the meaning of life?

Corrina Gordon-Barnes: I love that you’ve dropped this question into my heart so that I might sit with what arises and have this chance to find the answers that are for me.

You don’t need my answers, but I love that you’ve asked me to share them with you. What a treat.

Here’s what appears in these moments, apparently on a Sunday afternoon, apparently in Portland Oregon, apparently in this body. (And who knows.)

To find the infinite stillness beneath the noisy chatter of the mind. To bask in the deliciousness of pure, silent being — nothing needed, nothing to do, so much space. This infinity here available to touch in to as frequently as we choose to dip in. Home base, a place to return to and be at rest.

To be utterly undefined by circumstances or external identity and instead to BE what is beyond and beneath all that. This being of total safety, requiring nothing from anyone — and being delighted when something is given.

To live as if we chose, scripted, designed all of it — for our growth, for our joy, for our ultimate freedom. Each person a character in our waking dream, here to gift us and help us, regardless of whether they appear that way or as an enemy. Only friends here; only brothers and sisters gently nudging us on our way.

To resist nothing. To thank everything. To be love — which is what we are.


~Corrina Gordon-Barnes, currently guiding men and women through the inner journey of self-employment and the practical actions that help you find clients doing the work you love

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