Dr. Asghar Nazeer: Because I Am The Only One

IMG_0005I can never be no-one, because I am the only one!
Who is that unique me that’s replaceable by none!

You say you could easily replicate me as my clone,
But it would not be a real me, only one mere drone,

I live in singularity, yet the infinite-self lies within me,
I’m part of the timeless world; past, present, yet to be,

I am bonded into relationships with my kith and kin,
That wouldn’t be just the same even if I had a twin,

I think and feel like no other does, you like it or not,
I have left my mark on the world, a soft sweet spot,

If I weren’t there, a difference it would surely make,
What I have said and done, no one could ever fake,

When I am no more there, I might be soon forgotten,
I’d be woven in the thread of time, as a wisp of cotton,

The seeking eyes would always find me in my imprints,
Connect and my eternal presence will give you my hints,

I was there when we were created; I will be there forever,
Times and places would change, my identity would never,

We, the seeds of eternity, in God’s eyes were perfectly sown,
Our bodies are of glass to be broken, our soul is forever own,

So let us treasure each other as one of a kind, just as we are,
We all shine in the galaxy of creation, each one of us is a star,

Why should then we think of becoming adversaries not friends,
When we’re paintings of the same colors in our distinct blends,

Let us live in eternal peace, whoever and wherever we may be,
Because we know we are the only ones, whether it’s you or me!

~Dr. Asghar Nazeer MBBS, MPH, MHS, DrPH, 55, doctor

Copyright 2015 © Excellence Reporter

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