Dr. Susan Blackmore On The Meaning of Life

mg_0661Excellence Reporter: Dr. Blackmore, what is the meaning of life?

Susan Blackmore:  We live in a pointless universe; an ultimately meaningless universe.
Yet, as my Zen teacher used to say:

“Nothing matters
and everything must go
Yet love is having the heart touched
in the valleys of suffering”

We make our own meanings but should not mistake them for ultimate purposes. In my experience, settling into pointlessness is wonderfully freeing. And giving up free will – and the ‘me’ who would wield it – is the way to openness, kindness and happiness.

~Susan Blackmore is a psychologist and writer researching consciousness, memes, and anomalous experiences, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Plymouth.

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  1. If there is the idea of a ‘we’ and a ‘universe’ then no reason is possible. Without ‘we’ and ‘universe’ everthing happens exactly as it should and there is only awareness of intense gratitude and a need to lower the head and flow.


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