Sergey Lazarev: Faith and the Meaning of Life

I have always said that the meaning of life is the aspiration towards God. But to be honest I didn’t quite know what that meant.

First of all this is not to kill the love towards your soul. Not to wish evil towards others, not to envy, not to be greedy. Not to be hung up on the moon and dissatisfied with yourself. Overcoming despair and the unwillingness to live when everything is going bad around you. The minimum of living, the minimum of what needs not to be done in life.

Not so long ago when I was dealing with the topic of conflicts I realized what the Love for God means. It is approaching Him. Love is unity. But the Almighty is perfect. So if I have Love for God then I must constantly change and develop. It’s a condition. That’s when I realized what Christ meant when He said: be perfect as your heavenly father, meaning that a person who has faith in God must develop and grow every day. To develop and grow both in terms of the soul and character, and in terms of knowledge and education, and in terms of the physical too — doing physical exercises is also development and growth. Therefore, love and faith in God implies a large-scale continuous development of man. First of all that’s the development of the soul, so that the body and mind would not obscure the soul. Development and the right system of priorities.

What is the most important resource that can help a person grow?

Faith. But do you know what faith is? Have you ever thought about it? The Apostle Paul said: Faith is expectation in that which will come true, and confidence in the invisible and so forth. From my point of view this is just complete profanation and disorientation. Christ said: believe and the mountain will move. Right? So I sit down and wait for the mountain to move away from its place. Do you think it will move? I doubt it. I can wait for millions of years. Nothing will change. Christ said: Faith is like a mustard seed, it grows. And my expectation grows, but what’s the use of it? The conclusion is simple. Christ meant something completely different: faith is not expectation, faith is the absence of doubt in one’s willingness and aspiration. If I want the mountain to move away then this my inner willingness will accumulate, will go into the subconscious, and when it goes into the subconscious it begins to be fulfilled without any physical effort. Faith is concentration or meditation — meditating on something. Meditation is deprivation of everything for the sake of some purpose. So concentration, meditation and faith are one and the same thing.

Christ taught us to strive for some goal, and when we are confident in ourselves, when we… fear and doubt cuts off this energy. Faith is the continuous willingness of the energy to be directed towards some purpose. If I believe in something then I want it to happen. And if my willingness lasts for a long time and ceases to depend on the surrounding factors, then this willingness begins to change the whole world because it is energy. From this point of view faith in God is striving towards God. Christ taught that the faith of God is a continuous striving for God, union with Him and becoming like Him. When we understand truly what faith is, what sin is, what humility is, what is the mission of Christ, then everything else will begin to change.

But as long as we do not know what faith is, why we need to change our character, and whether it is necessary to change it at all… we don’t know what the love of God is, we don’t know what Man is. Christ originally said that we are pure, that we are the children of God. But the priests say that we are originally dirty, that you have to pay and go to church, and then you’ll be a bit saved. In this context there can be no question about growth and development.

That’s why in order for the civilization to develop it should observe the laws of development that are set forth in the Christian teachings, and from the point of view of the laws of development it should look at the current religious canons and realize that there is no smell of development there. It’s hard, it’s painful, but if religion fails to change then people have to… then the sheep has to find a way out. In the meantime we see that the sheep is looking for a way out, and the shepherd lies down and does nothing. So the sheep it seems to me will find a way out faster than the shepherd. Probably they will…

Transcript from an youtube talk.


~Sergey Lazarev is a Russian parapsychologist, writer, New Age activist. Author of a series of pseudoscientific books “Diagnostics of Karma”, “Man of the Future” and “Experience of Survival”.

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