Dirk Oellibrandt: The Meaning of Life… according to an alchemist

IMG_20191215_131419Excellence Reporter: Dirk, what is the meaning of life?

Dirk Oellibrandt: We humans often first look for the meaning of life in order to become aware of what life really is.

This will lead us first to self-consciousness.

We need meaning if we miss direct experience. As soon as we become one with life, there is no need for meaning.

This does not mean that the question, the search for the nature of life, is useless.

Thinking about it is a start. Then you live with this question so that it becomes a sincere longing. And then, by grace, the merging can happen.

When this happens, when you merge together with life, or better said: when your nature and the nature of life reunite, you realize there is no meaning of life.

Living life as it IS, is the meaning.

The question was just a call home.


~Dirk Oellibrandt is a traditional and at the same time modern alchemist.

A long period of internalization and remembering his origin, has led Dirk to the creation of the Life Projects method with Alchemy of Life as the language.

Life Projects is an organization that works from the direct connection with the power and wisdom of the Eastern and Western wisdom traditions. But at the same time it has been translated into a modern form that can be directly applied in the life of a modern living person.

Within Life Projects, he is the creator of Meridian Chi Kung, the Life Force Ritual, Alchemy of bodywork, Alchemy of leadership, …, and author of three books. Because of his strong presence, his rich therapeutic knowledge and the experience he gained as director of an international organization, he knows how to inspire people with all kinds of backgrounds and very different dreams. In particular Dirk’s ability to make physical and spiritual leadership practically applicable brings more clarity, effectiveness and fulfillment to their work.

“I do not offer answers to all your life questions. I am confident that you carry the answers in you. Where else would you get the questions from? As an alchemist, I am just a life guide with experience on the path of ‘truth’ life “. The path I offer you is simple and at the same time all-embracing. Traditional and modern. Listening to your own essence and life itself is the path that I offer. The master IS life itself. “

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