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Gilbert Schultz: The Meaning of Life… and the man who found Truth

Gilbert PhotoExcellence Reporter: Gilbert, what is the meaning of life?

Gilbert Schultz: What is the meaning of life, other than this immediate self aware presence, this unmitigated livingness?

Life is spontaneous. The word spontaneous means uncaused. The question ‘What is the meaning of life?’ is based upon an assumption that life has some hidden purpose, some hidden meaning. Does anything have an intrinsic meaning other than what it is?

A new born baby does not require a meaning of life. It is life.

A dead corpse has a brain, eyes, ears and all the other forms that compose a human being. It does not ask for a meaning to life. There is still life in the corpse, microbes working away diligently and they do not require an answer to the meaning of life.

So what is this question about the meaning of life and where does it arise? Is it from a lack of knowledge?

What is the basic knowledge, which everyone shares, without exception? The fact of being, existence! It is the only thing you can be sure of. Its name is ‘I am’. It is what it is, not merely words or ideas. Words are it also but no word can stand on its own. No word or idea can have any independent existence without life or energy. Life is energy appearing as everything. Everything is spontaneous, whether we think we know it or not. Without this spontaneous knowing, you cannot know anything.

A great deal of talk goes on about ‘Awakening’. What is ‘Awakening’?

Clearing away the debris of erroneous beliefs, reveals the natural wakefulness, which has always been present. This clearing away gives the impression of a personal ‘awakening’ but there is no entity in the wakefulness to awaken.

This natural wakefulness is already and always so. Belief is replaced with knowing.

This ‘I am’ is existence itself. In essence it is formless cognising. Self-knowing, self-existing, non dual. Existence has no beginning or end. No boundary or centre. Space and time are ‘products’ of existence. Many speak of reality but reality is not manifested as anything, even though it expresses itself AS everything. Reality is that, which never changes.

What you are is prior to whatever you conceive or perceive. A thought, idea or word is bound to time and cannot go beyond time or space. You may construct all kinds of philosophies, religions, spiritual doctrines and you can add belief to them all. It won’t change reality. You may be absolutely convinced of many precious ’ideas’ and make them very personal. You may worship them or defend them with vigorous tenacity. It does not alter reality one iota.

Life is spontaneous and the activity of knowing (cognition) is this spontaneous life. Pure intelligence.

A calculating intellect will construct an intellectual castle in the air and try to live in it.

There is an ancient story about a man who found Truth. As the story goes, God noticed that this man had found Truth, because a small bell rang in a tower close to God, in Heaven. Whenever a human being found Truth, the small bell would begin to vibrate and ring out across the peaceful atmosphere in Heaven. The man who had found Truth felt God smile inside his own chest and that very moment the Devil stepped up behind the man and whispered into his ear “Ah, so you found the Truth. Let me help you organise it”.

Anyone can deny the existence of God but they cannot deny their own existence. Foolish to try.

The meaning and purpose of Life is the intrinsic movement of Life itself.

Everything is that. All movement is an activity. The activity of knowing (cognition) is Life. There is no separation. ‘I am’.


~Gilbert Schultz lives in Australia and his website is

He has 2 current books, Self Aware and Self Illumination — both available on

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