Finding the Meaning of Life in the Spiritual Gift of Giving


From time to time, we happen upon people who own nothing, yet give everything they can. These special people possess the spiritual gift of giving.

To others, this may seem like givers cannot possibly make a real living. On the contrary, those who give unselfishly create extremely meaningful lives for themselves.

The Spiritual Gift of Giving

What is the gift of giving?

This refers to a special trait where people enjoy giving. Moreover, it is a talent, as spiritual givers often intuitively know what others need and create ways to fulfill those needs.

Traits of a Spiritual Giver

At this point, you may wonder if you know any spiritual givers. You might even question if you are a spiritual giver yourself. 

Characteristics of a spiritual giver include:

  • A strong sense of empathy
  • An intuitive sense for what others need
  • The ability to give great gifts with limited resources, as they find value in intangible resources as well
  • An innate drive to give, even when they may go without

Givers may remind you of spiritual icons such as Jesus, The Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, and Gandhi.

How the Gift of Giving Makes Life Meaningful 

Though you should not give to get something in return, you do. Psychologists suggest that giving maximizes receiving for everybody because, those who receive want to give back to the person who gave to them and to others.

This creates a more positive environment. Also, it feels good to see that you made a positive difference.

The spiritual gift of giving also develops and strengthens the human connection between you and others. That connection arguably defines the purpose of this life here on Earth.

Sometimes, giving can take on a negative connotation. People may see the receivers as lazy, ungrateful, or spoiled, and the givers may grow resentful.

This is an example of how negative energy can impact the beautiful gift of giving. Givers can avoid this to enrich their own lives by making others happy.

First, spiritual giving must come from the heart. Givers must not give for personal gain, beyond the enjoyment of seeing others happy, if they want to live a happy life.

Next, stay humble and give quietly. You do not need the congratulations, and others may fault the receiver. This takes away from the special nature of your spiritual gift.

Last, avoid the urge to complain about the gifts you give. If you start to feel resentful, then maybe you gave too much. Simply remind yourself about the initial purpose of giving.

You may also grow resentful when people reject your gift or appear ungrateful. Calm your ego and remember that you did not give for any selfish purpose.

Your gift shows who you are, their reaction shows who they are. Let it be so.

How to Give When You Do Not Possess Much

If you hope to grow your gift as a spiritual giver, you may need ideas on what to give. Especially if you find your resources limited.

Intangible gifts often mean the most. This can come in the form of spending time with somebody or simply listening to their woes. 

Sending greeting cards can also lift spirits and make people feel appreciated. Preparing a meal for somebody feeds their body as well as their soul.

Pay attention to what people enjoy, and you may find that the simplest of things make them smile. Put thought into it, and your gift will count.

Enjoy Your Gift

A giver will realize that they truly possess the ultimate gift. The spiritual gift of giving provides a fruitful life.

We hope for you to live the most meaningful life possible. Read our interviews on the meaning of life to inspire your journey.

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