Katie B Happyy: The Meaning of Life… like purple butterflies

Katie B (@KatieBHappyy)-1Excellence Reporter: Katie, what is the meaning of life?

Katie Burke: The meaning of life is to believe anything is possible for your life. Life happens FOR you, not to you.

Everything in life is a teacher. When we see each experience as happening for us, the world starts to be this mysterious playful thing where we can figure out clues and look for signs like purple butterflies.

Perceivably negative and positive things have equal probability of coming true, so why not stay in a space of wonder instead of worry? What if we spent our days investigating what the world has to teach us through living our authentic selves?

Listening to your gut instinct so deeply and trusting it that even if the answer isn’t easy…like breaking up with my “perfect” partner of 6 years, we know deep down somewhere that it’s right. That if we stay in tuned with what’s going right and not what’s going wrong….we can always listen to the inner guidance. Follow our mission to Show Up, Give Up, and Align Up.

Show Up
Stand in your power
Deepen your self love
Work out and work in
Respect for yourself to show up for others

Give Up
Let go of limiting beliefs
Sweat to find depth
Elevate your energetic state
Gain gratitude for your path through giving back

Align Up
Provide clarity in your purpose and passion
Live by example and spread your ripple
Be the lighthouse for others
Stay inspired with intention based action


~Katie Burke uses her B_Inspired initiative to awaken a deeper part of your spirit. From losing her mom at 14 to breast cancer to her facial paralysis with Bells Palsy, she takes inner transformation seriously. Her b_inspired courses in India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Italy, Spain, China, Colombia and beyond have challenged thousands of participants to combine sweat with DEPTH. #B_Inspired is a place to feel ALIVE when you arrive. It’s your home to passionate posts, brave honesty, reset retreats, and free yoga online!

Katie Burke has the divine energy to help you peel back your layers to expose the power you have within. Her personality built on tough love and guidance aids her clients and audiences to their natural abilities to heal their physical, mental, and emotion states. It’s not just a WORK OUT to Katie, but a WORK IN.

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