Shifu Yuan Jing: The Meaning of Life… smelling the aroma of fine jasmine tea

Shifu Yuan Jing Portrait Series 1 Image 1 FinalExcellence Reporter: Shifu Yuang, what is the meaning of life?

Shifu Yuan Jing: I went to the kitchen to boil some water. I carefully poured fine jasmine tea into my favorite cup from the Qing Dynasty. Smelling the aroma from the tea, I realized the meaning of life.

To be honest, I have thought many times of this question. Every few years, I have a different answer. At this moment of time, I have a better understanding of the meaning of life.

The meaning of life is sometimes like my Tai Chi form. If I am always searching the meaning of practicing of my Tai Chi form, my mind is busy. To avoid this monkey mind, I go straight into practice without any expectations and thoughts. I get a positive outcome without expectations from doing this. For me, the meaning of life is just like yin and yang – we have to learn to balance these energies.

The meaning of life is finding your own purpose to life. This came to me after training at the Shaolin Temple for 12 years. I realized that my purpose, my meaning of life is to help others in any way I can. I do this by teaching a pathway to peace through what I know best, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Meditation.

I encourage everyone to find their own path to peace.


~Shifu Yuan Jing is a 34thGeneration Shaolin Monk
As a young boy, I learned to live the life of a Monk. Born in an impoverished village in China, I was among the fortunate ones chosen at a young age to live in the Shaolin Temple and become Masters in Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Meditation. Later I traveled the globe on a world tour, opening my eyes in seeing many people in need of help. With the wisdom and fearlessness learned from the Shaolin Temple, I decided to leave and lend a helping hand. Success in life is achieved by a strong mind and body through the practice of Meditation and Kung Fu.

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