Bhola Banstola: The Meaning of Life… belonging with the Mother Earth

IMG_E8686Excellence Reporter: Shaman Bhola, what is the meaning of life?

Bhola Banstola: As life itself is difficult to understand, the meaning of life is still beyond our reasoning and thoughts.

Our birth here, as we are taught is to learn, understand, live for ourselves and help others. However, the purpose of life is to find ways to return to our divine origin; to be able to embody truth and manifest in a proper way.

The deeper task of life on planet earth according to my family lineage and community is to nourish our relationship with the conscious intelligent force that lives in the land, trees, stones and flows with the waterways, and all over the universe as well as the air and cosmos. This is the same intelligent life force that also lives in our own breath, body, bones, blood and heart.

As we honour, respect and heal our relationship with the natural world, we reclaim a deeper sense of belonging with the Mother Earth. And only by doing so, we may be able to remember who we are and why we are here. We are all the time connected and nourished by the same thread energy in different forms and colours.

We are traditionally instructed that we are the reincarnated ancestors. This teaching opens up new doors of understanding that we are here to continue the legacy of ancestors; to continue learning; teaching and supporting all that is around and beyond us. The ancestors always remind us of these sacred lines telling us that we are not separated from them and they follow us wherever we go:  

“Putting on the clothes of clouds, drinking the ambrosia of air, crossing the bridge of fire, we will follow, wherever you go”. 


~Bhola Banstola founder of Nepal SHAMAN Association

-Born and brought up in Bhojpur, Nepal
-Graduate in Cultural Anthropology
-Teaching shamanism and Nepali culture throughout the world for more than twenty-five years
-Organizing shamanic initiation and pilgrimage trips to Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, India, etc.
-Life member of National Folklore Council of Nepal; Life member of National Organization of Shamanism of Nepal, founding, the president of Nepal Shaman, a cultural organization; life member of Society for Shamanic Practice, Denver, CO, USA; Founding member of Union of Ancestral Traditions and Wisdom, Paris, France, Member of Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Mills Valley, CA, USA and many more. 
-Deeply interested in ‘the ways of the ancestors’ through shamanism of world cultures and traditions.

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  1. Hello! How can I contact the author of the dialogue?
    Bhola is coming to Germany from 6 to 10 May. Would you like to meet him in person?
    Sending blessings


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