Chad Mercree: The Meaning of Life… nothing matters, yet every single thing we do is sacred

20180122_083256Excellence Reporter: Chad, what is the meaning of life?

Chad Mercree: In the past few years my perceptions of the meaning of life have changed. I used to believe that the purpose of life was to ‘wake up’ spiritually, that we are all unfinished eggs and the experiences of Life help us mature. At last, after many thousands or millions (or more) lifetimes we finally have enough energy to crack open our cosmic egg and awaken to a new, higher reality.

I was born psychic and have interacted with various types of spirits throughout my life. None were anything but kind and many were angelic heavenly beings. My goal in life was to serve Spirit until I could join the heavenly beings and serve Earth/humanity more efficiently.

After many years of meditating I experienced two breakthroughs. The first occurred in my twenties. I was a vegan, ascetic monk-like person. I spent all my free time in nature, prayed and fasted constantly and generally tried to live like what I believed a spiritual person would live like. During an intense period of meditation I experienced rushes of ecstatic bliss and spent many hours wallowing in that delicious feeling. It was the most psychic time of my life. I was the most consciously connected to the angelic realm. And yet, after a while I felt intense loneliness.

I hadn’t yet been fully human and I missed the human connection. I’d tried to go straight from youth to old age, skipping all the potentially messy parts in between. So I stopped. I stopped meditating. I stopped trying to be so good. I stopped being a vegan. And I jumped into the world with both feet through the rest of my twenties. I wasn’t confident what my purpose was but I was excited to find out.

In my thirties something similar happened, though from a different perspective. I’d been dating, partying, traveling, dancing, living life for almost ten years when, in my early thirties, I felt my inner spiritual craving return.

Through a series of linked events I found myself back in the groove of eating healthier, meditating, doing yoga and reading spiritual texts once again. After a couple of years I once again experienced those waves of ecstatic bliss during deep meditations. Five hours passed in what seemed like only fifteen minutes.

Again, I connected to angelic beings and again I found myself desiring to lift ever higher and serve humanity. Again I lost all desire and was single for a while, ate vegetarian and wanted to literally spend the rest of my life in a cave communing with the divine.

However, something shifted this time. I reached a place where I understood that absolutely everything is perfect exactly as it is. From Hitler to Trump to war and famine and every other horror, to the most kind, safe, understanding parts of our world. All of it is part of one gigantic rhythm, a song of reality. All the strings are the emanations from one fluid mega-rhythm of the Divine.

Much to my surprise I came to see that nothing matters. There is no time or space, not really. It may be old news to some of your readers but life really is a hopelessly incomprehensible, quite amazing dream. A divine dream of epic proportions that fills no space at all.

The silver lining for me with this perspective is that even though nothing matters, every single thing we do is sacred. We can’t escape who we are, whether bad or good, because we aren’t supposed to. All of us, no matter where we’re at spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, etc., all of us are exactly where we’re supposed to be. We all exist at the most important juncture in the Divine Song, a place that needed to be filled with our portion of the divine music so deeply, that we had to come into existence and do exactly what we’re doing right now. There is no need to try, because when the time comes for our personal rhythm to change, we simply shift gears and change.

So if you’re the type of person who’s in jail, that’s great. If you’re on a beginning-to-end spiritual path seeking ever higher enlightenment, that’s great too. If you’re seeking fortune or fame, or family or anything at all, that’s great and perfect and thank you for adding your tone to the greatest song you’ll never fully hear — the Diving Song that emanates from the deepest most central point within us all, our shared common core.

So what do I think about the meaning of life? Having one is great if that’s your thing. But these days I see the meaning of life laid out perfectly everywhere I turn, and I feel very grateful to be alive.


~Chad Mercree is an author and speaker who has written for several publications. His book, The Way of the Psychic Heart, was published in June 2014. Mercree is also an award-winning designer and nationally recognized botanical expert, successful entrepreneur, and devoted environmentalist. He is President Artful Exteriors, Inc.

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