Trish Broersma: The Meaning of Life… discovering the nature of being human

MysticKiss 2Excellence Reporter: Trish, what is the meaning of life?

Trish Broersma: The meaning of life lies in constantly creating oneself and honoring that same creative opportunity in everything around us. Claiming this opportunity follows from discovering the terrifying yet liberating, radical, decisional nature of being human. Nothing can stand in the way of our ability to shape reality through our decisions.

When I decided that joy was a fundamental fact of life, for instance, I discovered that joy does not rely on anything else for its existence. I may lose sight of it now and then in the face of circumstances. I may be profoundly unhappy or anxious, but having made that decision about joy, I know that as I understand current circumstances more deeply, the underlying joy will be revealed. Therein lies the adventure associated with repeatedly rediscovering the meaning of life.

Freeing oneself of the illusory ties that bind us to obligations, systems, traditions and rules, reveals our extraordinary freedom to orchestrate the meaning of life. We discover meaning rooted in the fundamental force of joy underlying all, emanating from the engagement of our minds and hearts and deep intuition. This force of joy creates a field of joy around us, characterized by compassion, community and care.

We embark on creating ourselves in concert with the rocks and trees, the air and birds, the hills and horses, the animate and inanimate, even the earth and cosmos. Within this rich and complex web of being we are made whole, over and over again.

I watch the roses blooming and fading, the skies filling with smoke and then clearing. I sense myself floating upon and within an immense ocean of being.


~Trish Broersma engages in healing opportunities for people and horses through Riding Beyond and presentations and seminars internationally concerning the horse/human relationship and its potential for assisting us in a positive evolution of our world. She also designs websites and print media for those dedicated to similar endeavors.

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