Simran Singh: On the Meaning of Life

G83SMNizqHgRyva48rDT9KkRlo0bpnsjFntp36dVijg,tpuBMzbAUabYBmiP_o_xvHKx-tFOmzqrinTk-JqUqnc,P8STAAkmquPQwD-Bs7X7XU56GPoUJtt0iMWqyidNkZo,TFU-n4I5fRjW51oS89Pm4gGYunouQcrYr4l80YwI_UUExperience is experiencing itself… in, as and through us… in, as, and through everything. It has no body because it is the collective fabric of all bodies. It is no face because it sees through everything; and faces all things.

Experience has no agenda because it embodies every direction in the organic unfolding of expression. It is the conscious and unconscious, animate and inanimate, form and formless, time and timeless. Experience experiences as the presence of awareness, yet unawakened to its own vast immersive manifestations as a continuous expanding self. Experience is endless within both the evolutionary and revolutionary continuum of never-ending creation, fullness and emptiness.

So, what is the meaning of life? Dare I say there is no meaning of life? Experience needs no meaning. Does this perspective strike resonance or dissonance? Even this feeling requires no meaning; it is only the integration of a new knowing. Experience is experiencing itself. It is present and therefore can have no thinking. Only a mind can have thought. And a thought is a another impulse of creationary experience… a new birthing… life expanding. Yet, even the thought has no meaning.

‘Meaning’ requires justification for an individual identity, typically toward a value added action. For example, ‘to love’, ‘to find peace’, or even ‘to become self-realized.’ However, we are not here ‘to love’ because ‘Experience’ encompasses the dual experiences of Love. The meaning of life is not ‘to find peace’; Experience has no angst and is at peace even with war, for it is part of itself. Nor are we required to be self-realized; all realization still cannot reach the vastness and entirety of Experience. This is the individual identity at play. Life does not conflict with the reality of its own existence. It does not make demands of it, judge it or have expectation for it. Life in its greater expression is not concerned with impermanence or death, because that too is part of life; part of itself.

The need for meaning arises from a desire ‘to matter’; but we are matter. Meaning is an attempt to understand ‘why’ something is or is not; yet even that polarity is the ISness, Allness and Nothingness as Life’s entire spectrum of experience. Meaning is a longing for significance, engaging the mind’s play between past, future, purpose, pain and pleasure in order to justify reason for being. Yet, in purely ‘being’, meaning no longer exists. Through the search for meaning, ‘self’ misses the organic, interconnected, unfolding as life’s presence. Self misses the experiencing of Experience, diving into a wormhole of its own making which to becomes Experience experiencing itself. Life is… ISness

Move from ‘meaning’ into the pure presence as life’s infinite, ever-expanding,  interconnected and engaged expression. InPresence, no thought can exist. There will be no need to know as the separation from what IS. One… as many parts… having many eyes/i’s, experiencing and expressing from a single point of origin until all possibilities have played out is the Knowing.

What is the meaning of life? To discover such an answer would be like trying to taste your own tongue, or touch your finger tip with itself. And therein is the rabbit hole. Did you just experience falling down the hole? Therein is the paradox to ‘the meaning of life.’ That was Life… That was Experience… That was Presence… This was meaning full… and yet had no meaning.


~Simran Singh, author of IPA International Gold ‘Best New Age Book’ & IPPY Gold Award ‘Best Mind-Body-Spirit Book’ for Conversations With The Universe. In addition, her other releases are Your Journey to Enlightenment and Your Journey to Love.

Simran is also publisher of award-winning 11:11 Magazine an #1 rated 11:11 Talk Radio, 11:11 InnerViews TV & creator of  One-Woman Show.

Simran’s mission is to awaken individuals to the beauty as life and the participation of existence as a Love Catalyst through Speaking, Mentoring, Online Courses, Evolutionary Art, and 11:11 Magazine on Audio.

Excellence Reporter 2018 Copyright ©Simran Singh

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