Tim Freke: What is the Purpose of Life? (video)

It’s not so much that the universe has a purpose … it’s more that the purpose of existence is integral to the very nature of the universe. The universe is a continually unfolding process of evolution through which ever great potentialities have been realized.

The big bang, 13.8 billion years ago, led to the emergence of the grandeur of the physical cosmos … then the emergence of the multifarious variety of biological life … and then the emergence of something utterly remarkable … the psyche or soul … the domain of the imagination in which we think and dream.

And now this epic journey of evolution is occurring at an exponentially increasing rate … with the realisation through the imagination of ever more astonishing possibilities.

So … if the whole universe is an evolutionary process of realising ever greater possibilities, then it seems to me that our purpose is to continue this process by using the power of the imagination to realise our deepest potentials … individually and collectively to bring out what is best within us and to co-create a better, more emergent world


~Tim Freke is a pioneering philosopher and the bestselling author of 35 books, translated into 15 languages. He presents transformational events internationally.

Excellence Reporter 2018 Copyright ©Tim Freke


Categories: Philosophy

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