Kiran Bali: The Meaning of Life

Life is a beautiful reflection,
of my choices and actions

Karma, the law of cause and effect
serves to determine what happens next

Experiencing life is such an adventure,
With all divine creation interacting together

Praying to keep the world happy and calm
Any living beings must suffer no harm

I must continue to spread love to all creation
whilst pursuing my spiritual transformation

By detaching from all material desires
I can aim for something more fulfilling and higher

As new events around me unravel,
my soul continues it’s onward travel

Pausing and thinking at each turn,
my soul continues the yearn to learn

Around me there are so many illusions
which are serving to create more confusion

But the reality is starkly staring at me..
I am indeed a fundamental part of thee

As my spirituality moves to transcend
Eventually the role of my body will end

When my soul is ready to reunite
I will merge into you, the divine light…

Because life is a means to the Ultimate goal
through the celebration and salvation of my soul.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA~Kiran Bali MBE JP has been leading at the global interfaith level for many years and is the Global Chair of the United Religions Initiative, which works in 104 countries. For her voluntary endeavours, Kiran has been honored by Queen Elizabeth II with the MBE Honour and has been the recipient of a number of international awards.

As an environmental activist, Kiran has been leading grassroots projects to help tackle climate action. She launched the Hindu declaration on Climate Change and spoke at the launch of the interfaith declaration on climate change in New York. Kiran who is also a UK Magistrate is a regular keynote speaker at global events and has also addressed the UN General Assembly.

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Categories: Awakening, Sustainability

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