Sarah Love McCoy: The Meaning of Life… Standing For Love

Sarah Love ISFL day 3Excellence Reporter: Sarah, what is the meaning of life?

Sarah Love McCoy: The meaning of life is what we say it is. That’s the funny part. We humans have the amazing power to give meaning to anything and everything. Our minds dictate our reality from the inside out. When we say something is a blessing, it’s a blessing. Likewise, if we declare something is a curse, well that’s exactly how we experience it.

We’re probably the only species that ponders such questions as “what’s the meaning of life?”. Every other being is existing in the present moment and the meaning itself is being lived fully in the process. But as human beings we get to choose. We get to wonder and discuss it. What a fascinating thing to do.

For myself, I’ve decided that the meaning of life is to love. To create love in myself, my relationships, and explore the power of love that we each possess. I see no greater purpose. I see no better solution than love.

To amplify love in this world is what gets me out of bed in the morning. My heart’s desire is to add a little bit of love to our collective energy every single day. There are about a million ways to do that. With love as my true north, I can find meaning in just about every encounter and allow love to guide my thoughts, words and actions.

It may sound light and fluffy to some. This path of love can be anything but.

It requires a commitment to loving myself beyond the deep seeded programming that would have me do otherwise. It has me seeking the places within and without that cry out for love all the time. It means taking a stand for love while offering compassion to all the parts of myself that are unloving.

But the hardest part is not allowing the ‘unloving-ness’ of the outer world to crush my heart. It takes a level of outrageous optimism. It requires a practice of seeking out evidence that we actually do live in a loving world.

Which brings me back to the power of our minds. We are meaning making machines. We are fully in charge of the meaning we give to every moment we experience and every memory we have. What a powerful gift.

Why not choose that the meaning of life is to love, after all? What higher purpose can there be?


~Sarah Love McCoy is an inspirational artist, outrageous optimist, and the founder of the “I Stand For Love” movement. She created the “Life is Beautiful and So are YOU!” calendar (celebrating it’s 15th year in print!) to uplift and inspire your heart every single day. Say hello to Sarah at

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