Dr. Trupti Gokani: The Meaning of Life… discovering your true self

HeadshotIndiaExcellence Reporter: Dr. Gokani, what is the meaning of life?

Trupti Gokani: I believe we are here to discover our most authentic vibrant inner selves. And it may take some time to fully become aligned with who we are, who we really are at the soul level.

I believe the step one of life is to really search and discover who that is, that unique and authentic soul that resides within us.

After discovery of the soul and understanding of who we are, the next step is to start to understand your life and serve the soul’s purpose because we’ve all chosen a reason to be here on Mother Earth. We all have a mission.

The next step is then to live in authenticity with that mission, and to do our very best to live our life here on Mother Earth, to really serve that purpose. The beauty is that as we become aligned with our authentic selves, our unique nature and personality of who we are, we start to then fully embrace the life we are supposed to live. We fully respect those around us — the purpose of those individuals in our lives and what we are to do for them and what they are to do for us. And we can all live more harmoniously because we fully appreciate our role here on earth.

As we start to live life in authenticity with our purpose, we can say Dharma, we then can serve others as we are intended to serve because I do believe each one of us has a mission here. And the beauty is to discover what that mission is, and to make sure that each moment of each day we’re living in alignment with that mission. Once you’ve connected with your authentic self, then you start to live in alignment with our duty, our purpose.

Hopefully along the way we don’t suffer with pain and distress because trying to navigate and trying to understand our unique duty and our purpose may pose some challenges and may have obstacles along the way. The beauty is that as we get more and more aware of who we are and our purpose we have less and less obstacles because we find that path that is a very flowing harmonious path. We reach a state of higher being.

As we are honing into that actual purpose that we are here for we start to serve more, be more, be more with ourselves. Life becomes less challenging, less stressful and truly a beautiful experience. That’s how we can really attain bliss and happiness here on earth.

That to me is my purpose and everyone’s purpose here. Once we establish that we then have lived a life that is harmonious.

To me that is the meaning of life.

1. To establish connections with ourselves, and understand who we are, what embodies our soul and our being. Just who that is within us that chose to come here to Mother Earth.

2. To establish what our purpose is. Why we decided to come here. What our mission is. And to live in authenticity with that, to live in alignment with that.

3. To look at ourselves in terms of growth and to evolve our spirit while we are here on Earth so then we don’t just do our job but we can actually become wiser and stronger while we are here. Serve more, be more, do more. Live in a way that we are not only advancing ourselves but literally helping those around us, and helping them advance also.


~Trupti Gokani MD — Founder of The Gokani Method.
An award-winning, board-certified neurologist, Trupti Gokani, MD has dedicated her life to developing a unique blend of modern medicine and ancient philosophy. By melding these approaches. she’s become a highly sought after speaker and health coach sharing holistic wellness strategies with larger-than-life media personalities like Dr. Oz, global pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer, and individuals with a wide range of symptoms, from debilitating migraines to chronic fatigue. Dr. Gokani recently published her first book, The Mysterious Mind, and is currently contributing to a health documentary on Ayurveda.

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