Robert Kopecky: What is the Meaning of Life?

Kopecky_color_biopic_17_medThe question “What is the meaning of Life?” is such a moving target, isn’t it? Since we’re all part of this same mysterious system, it’s like a lot of slightly different questions that all lead to the same thing: “Why? Why me, here and now?” Why is this whole crazy mechanism wound up the way it is, allowed to gather speed and momentum, and then left to slowly (or abruptly) fall apart and shut down? What is this whole experience all about?” Well, the three Near Death Experiences I survived—the source of what little authority I may have—all pointed me to three simple reasons really: Expression, Evolution, and Love.

Not Expression as in having to do something brilliant, or in some way becoming famous, but expression as in finding out who you really are and just being that. Finding your true, authentic self, and what true calling you’re meant to answer, even if it’s “only” to be you, or “only” to be there for somebody else. Finding the positive nature of your self-expression and being it, whatever it may be.

I don’t mean Evolution like Darwin, but instead as in evolving spiritually – as that personal and collective motivation to keep growing and expanding above and beyond all the shifting day-to-day, to what never changes and to whatever comes next. To rise above the human noise, and find a calm connection to our higher self, and the realization of “The Eternal” that is our real nature. “To transcend the delusion of separateness,” as Joseph Campbell used to say.

And thirdly, I don’t mean experiencing Love as simple sentimentality, but as the most powerful underlying energy and strategy for all Life; and as the single most effective directional force that can be active in each of us, and in our society. Simply put, Love as the Divine Consciousness that activates and animates everything; as the true, creative medium of all Life.

Absolutely everything (including you and yours truly) is an expression of the magical Consciousness that energizes all of existence. I’m sorry to get magical on you, but I can’t see how it can be avoided while we’re all sitting on a planet in outer space. We’re swimming in this magic always, from our opening cry, to our closing sigh. We’re all just this one humble little point, this tiny rocket burst that is I Am – the flower at the end of this particular stem. I’m just a dad, or a sister, or a friend. I’m this building, this music, this register ringing – this essay. This is what I am meant to be an expression of, this one little piece of Life.

It’s clearly a personal and collective evolution that we’re taking part in – a part of the infinite, expanding spiritual expression that all Creation seems to be. Even from the little bit of it we humans can perceive it appears that everything is growing towards a kind of perfection, or transformation – a kind of perfection in itself because it contributes perfectly to our personal growth, to the continuity of everything that came before, and to everything that will follow. That little change here and now becomes a new part of the world. The last leaf left of fall is pushed out by the new growth in spring, and new flowers blossom into being – and even the world is constantly blossoming into its new self.

So if you’re compelled to ask: “Why?” It’s pretty simple, as the big explanations go: To blossom and become yourself. To learn to be your true, timeless, even extra-dimensional self, separate from material superficialitiesTo learn to contribute to Life, to participate in the cycle of Love and creation and growth that reaches across lives and across time. In short, to learn what you can contribute; and how you might evolve personally and spiritually – and in those ways to play your part in the evolution of everything. With blessings, and growth, and Love.


~Robert Kopecky survived a traumatic childhood, and then traveled extensively living a variety of lives until becoming an award­‐winning illustrator, art director, and animation designer for The New York Times, PBS Kids, and many others. His unusual path was punctuated by three dramatic, distinctly different “Near Death Experiences” – all of which he obviously survived!

Eventually, he was delivered to his own “dark night of the soul,” followed by more than a decade of study, meditation, and service. His realizations of what life and death are, and can be, inspired him to write and teach about the lessons he’d learned the hard way, in his serious, but light­‐hearted way. His first book, How to Survive Life (and Death), A Guide for Happiness in This World and Beyond, was published in 2014 by Conari Press.

His essays and memoirs appear online at Gaia, The Mindful Word, Soul Life Times, Innerself, Beliefnet, and more, and on his blog at His second book, How to Get To Heaven (Without Really Dying), Wisdom From a Near Death Survivor is due out March, 2018, from Llewellyn Books.

Excellence Reporter 2018 Copyright ©Robert Kopecky

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