Carolyn North: The Meaning of Life and the Experience of Living

NORTH__006.PR.small 4Excellence Reporter: Carolyn, what is the meaning of life?

Carolyn North: Frankly, I have no idea what Life ‘means’ but I do know about the experience of living.

It takes place in my body – indeed, everything alive has a container of some sort in which the live-ness has its spirit and being – and directs all consciousness and actions. I “feel” it every moment as an opportunity to add experience to my awareness of the world, that gets digested and mixed with every experience that has come before, and anticipates whatever experience will come in the future.

All these adventures of my mind, body, and spirit mix and match through Time and Space to expand into understanding of life itself, and the Great Universe in which it is taking place.

I belong to it all, and I rejoice in it all, alive and changing and creating – even when it is hard and messy. All of that, ALL that is, for me, the meaning of life


~Carolyn North lives in Berkeley California and on CommonSpace Farm in Sebastopol. Her passion is consciousness change, and to that end she teaches dance, writes books, and is a community activist. Currently, she is helping to start a Community Land Trust in Sonoma County. She believes in shaking things up and having great fun in the process.

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Categories: Activism, Awakening, Dance

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