Gigi: What If…

IMG_2035I wrote this for YOU
By my SELF
What if……
I am living heaven on earth right now
What if……
My heart was exploding with love for All that IS
Right now
What if……I knew what I felt to be true
What if……
Every moment I take a breathe I feel gratitude for all life and it’s incredible wonder
What if …….everything I saw was sooo beautiful
What if ….everything I heard was soooo beautiful
What if …..the feeling inside of me was as real as the feeling outside of me
What if ……I just loved every single soul I encountered….for no reason other than
I just truly and deeply loved them
What if……every flower I saw felt like a true blessing to behold
What if…….I truly believed in a planet of pure LOVE
What if……my KNOWING felt stronger than all my beliefs
What if …….I saw a future generation filled with pure love and pure light for each other and the entire Mother Earth too
What if …..this was something I have always known and always felt to be TRUE for me
What if….it really did not matter to me anymore what others saw or felt or believed
What if…… I felt as if every facet of my diamond Self felt polished and shining bright
What if ……this was all my true understanding coming from deep within my Self


~Gigi, born and raised in South Africa. Married high school sweetheart. Raising our tribe of 6 in San Diego. Co creator of Artemis Inc. Artist. Writer. Poet. Intuitive healer. Kundulini Yoga.

Copyright © 2018 Excellence Reporter

Categories: Awakening

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