Laura Silvana Aversano: The Meaning of Life and the Act of Being Humbled

DSCF1729_pp_adj_HeadShotExcellence Reporter: Laura, what is the meaning of life?

Laura Silvana Aversano: As I am sitting here pondering the meaning of life, I can only share with you what my own experiences have shown me thus far.

God-willing, I will have many more lessons to learn, more challenges to be inspired by, and more joy to infuse me with humility. At some point, the meaning for me has not taken on a definition, but a path of being in the stillness of the Divine.

In my 20’s and 30’s, I was motivated to find my purpose. In my 40’s, I became more inspired to sit in the grace and presence of the Divine, regardless of my purpose. My purpose ceased to be an individual goal, but more of a collective initiative where we are all intertwined in this understanding of relationship to ourselves, one another, the world around us, and the earth.

What is it like to embrace the knowing that we are spiritual beings living in a human body and that we must take responsibility as a whole for collective evolution?

The work of separating ourselves from one another takes much more effort than it does to align and be kinder to one another. The work of owning our worthiness as children of God is much more challenging than facing our unworthiness.

The meaning of life for me, comes when I accept that being both human and divine instills in me a worthiness that embraces every aspect of relationship under the Creator. But first I ask to be humbled, both as a spiritual child and human child of the universe. This humility is not an act of doing, but an act of being.

This act of being comes from sitting in the Presence of that which we cannot necessarily define. We are each given strength to do this, not because of who or what we perceive we are, nor even for the ways in which we live our lives, but because this Presence carries us in our relationships and holds us each accountable in our human and spiritual agreements.

I find my meaning, in the Presence, as I work through these relationships which grant me the wisdom to see all of life as interconnected.


~Laura Silvana Aversano, author, medical intuitive and ancestral empath. Her written works include The Divine Nature of Plants, The Light of God, Plant Spirit Journey and Spiritwalker, The Beginning. She has an international clientele and you can read more about her work at

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