Ilona Selke: The Meaning of Life — Seeing Beauty Through My Own Eyes

ILONA-HANDS-WHITE-CROPPEDThe paddles of my kayak dipped gently into crystalline turquoise water. I was gliding like a bird through the late afternoon sun. Utterly by myself I deeply enjoyed the luxury of silence.

I chose to make a right hand turn into a cove that was flanked by two large mushroom-like looking mountains, which are the hallmarks of Raja Ampat, a magical water and island kingdom of the Indonesian seas. As I entered into this secret cove, pure brilliant turquoise water embraced me.

The immensity of the sheer beauty surrounding me, the pristine turquoise water, the white sand reflecting the sun’s glistening light, it all made me feel like I had just entered Heaven on Earth.

With a sudden understanding my heart was flooded with the true meaning of life:

We are here to adore creation!

What if the entire universe had birthed forth this incredible organ of conscious perception we call eyes, to create this miraculous feedback- loop between creation and the created?

Eons went into creating an organ of perception that together with a heart can perceive beauty.

Instantly the song of Keali’i Reichel – Wanting Memories to teach me to see the beauty in the world through my own eyes came to my mind.

What if we are the eyes of God, feeding back on itself the beauty of creation?

I was in tears from the sheer immensity of the beauty that surrounded me.

Songs of gratitude for creation flowed through my heart. At that very moment I understood of the most fundamental purposes of our life is to adore creation, to be grateful, and to appreciate the immense beauty that surrounds us.

Seeing beauty, by the way, can be a process that helps us reach into a greater sense of belonging, and raises our vibrations, in turn becoming a creator in our own right.

Firstly, seeing beauty raises our vibration higher than we previously were. Even if we are not feeling that great we can use seeing beauty as a way to raise ourselves out of a slump. And we can use it as a barometer to see how high we currently are vibrating.

When we are in a higher vibration, we naturally see beauty around us, in all things and people.

Seeing beauty literally can take us to greater levels of awareness, produce feelings of ecstasy, and is a surefire-way to open our hearts.

Here is how you can do it:

Slow down, take slow breaths, look around you and look for just one one small something that is beautiful.

This can be a ray of light, a leaf, or the way that the water reflects light in a puddle of water.

Look at the beauty, let if fill your heat and relish the moment.

This can work miracles even when we are down.

I remember a moment when I had a middle-ear infection and couldn’t get out of my hotel room. The dullness of antibiotics weighed heavily on my body, mind and soul. My perception was clouded.

However, as I sat on the balcony one evening, painfully aware of how dull I felt, I decided to raise myself up, no matter what.

Searching for something beautiful I found the reflection of a small light in a pond just outside my balcony. Starring at the little bit of light and appreciating the beauty of it, I was instantly lifted to better moods.

Only that little morsel of light was enough for me to start feeling grateful and to lift my spirits. That is when my healing began.

The ability to see beauty may well be one of the most fundamental meanings of life.


~Ilona Selke is an international bestselling author, seminar leader, lecturer, musician and CEO/co-founder of Living from Vision.

Over 30+ years, Ilona has inspired thousands of people worldwide to discover the power of their consciousness and create a successful life.

Her new book “Dream Big: The Universe Is Listening” offers real-life stories of transformation as well as practical tips anyone can use to shapeshift their lives from the inside out.

DREAM BIG is available at bookstores or on Amazon.

For more information, visit and to start learning how to create from the inside out go to

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