Jennie Lee: Love Gives Meaning to Every Breath of Life

WEB_jennie_lee-3-4Excellence Reporter: Jennie, what is the meaning of life?

Jennie Lee: Love. Love is the meaning, the purpose, the beginning, and the end of life. It is the harmonizing, unifying energy of the Universe from which we all sprang and to which we all return.

Whether we recognize ourselves as the love that we are, or not, is the critical difference between a life of peace and joy, and a life of stress and sorrow. It is our choice to remember, to re-unite our individualized consciousness with the Divine Source of Love, expanding into an awareness of our loving omniscience.

This is the path of yoga. It is what I teach and try to live each day. Love gives meaning to every breath and the breath is my constant reminder to offer and to receive love every day in every way I can, with each person I encounter, whether we ‘like’ each other humanly or not.

Through meditation, I have tapped an inner well of love that transcends personal connection. I have realized that as I stay connected to this energy, then all becomes much clearer and I feel guided to the people, places and things I am meant to interact with.

Striving to source every choice, every communication and every action from love, keeps me anchored in the greatest meaning I can imagine for life, and it keeps me connected to pure joy. Love is joyful and so if we bring it full circle I would conclude that the meaning of life is love and the joy that springs from it.


~Jennie Lee is the award-winning author of three books: SPARK CHANGE: 108 Provocative Questions for Spiritual Evolution; TRUE YOGA: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment; and BREATHING LOVE: Meditation in Action. She is also a certified Yoga Therapist and spiritual life coach who has been in practice for over 20 years. Jennie counsels clients worldwide, helping them to overcome limitations and create lives of joy and peace. Her writing has been featured in dozens of magazines as well as other yoga therapy books. When Jennie is not writing or coaching, she enjoys surfing and hiking with her husband in Hawai’i.

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