David Michie: ‘Tibetan Insights’ on the Meaning of Life

David portrait 300 dpi jpg croppedExcellence Reporter: David, what is the meaning of life?

David Michie: On a day-to-day basis, each of us finds meaning in different things according to our backgrounds and temperaments. For some people that means being a parent. For others, a mountaineer. I believe we find our maximum fulfillment when we’re able to use whatever abilities we have to be of greatest service to others.

On a deeper level, those of us motivated by the insights of Tibetan Buddhism seek ultimate meaning by correcting our understanding of the true nature of reality.

The inner path of meditation offers a means by which we can, at the very least, catch a glimpse of the truth – revealed by both quantum scientists and realized masters alike – that duality is illusion-like, and that our own ultimate nature is one of boundlessness, pure, great love, and abiding bliss. We do this not only for our own sake, but to help all other beings come to this same recognition.


~David Michie is the author of The Dalai Lama’s Cat series of novels, as well as non-fiction titles including Why Mindfulness is Better than Chocolate, Hurry Up and Meditate, Buddhism for Busy People and, most recently, Buddhism for Pet Lovers. His books are available in 26 languages in over 40 different countries.

In 2015 he founded Mindful Safaris, leading groups to Africa – where he was born and brought up – for six day trips combining game viewing with guided meditations. As the many returning members of the Mindful Safari family testify, these extraordinary experiences help us reconnect with nature, as well as with ourselves, in a relaxed yet powerful way.

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