Alain Herriott: The Meaning of Life and Awakening to Self

image1Excellence Reporter: Alain, what is the meaning of life?

Alain Herriott: This is a question that has so many answers it is almost silly to ask. For some it is the pursuit of money, fame and significance. For others it is the need to serve. These are strivings of the mind to me and while valuable to many, the striving aspect is the limiting aspect of it all.

For me, personally, it has always been to awaken, to Be and to experience enlightenment. That is, to know who I am and what that encompasses, with a quiet, placid mind and a sense of a totally integrated self. And with that, being willing to experience that sense of being as part of everything I do and say, as well as part of those I interact with.

This is an ongoing process. We evolve and expand our understanding of who we are in each moment of our day.  In so doing, the sense of self expands, deepens and exceeds conscious explanation. The classic saying of “before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water” comes to mind. It is a simple thing really but eludes so many of us, again due to the striving aspect of it all.

Most likely there are many paths to this awakening to self. My path has been through feeling the sensations within each limiting experience until they unfold seemingly on their own. I have strived for many years to arrive there and once I realized that the striving was the limitation, and that feeling, unwinding and the sensation level was the path to freedom, I simply continued until I arrived. Interestingly I did not realize this approach to life would take me to where I had wanted to arrive but over a relatively short time (about 8 months) I quite simply found myself there.

As time has gone by and life has brought the experiences it has, my sense of me and my inner connection to everything else has deepened in a non-intellectual way. I have realized that while all the games or dramas we find ourselves in in our lives are amazing, they are also the entry point to greater freedom and possibility. Eventually this led us to what we call the Wonder Method. It is simple and totally counter-intuitive, and yet so very satisfying.


~Alain Herriott, co-founder (with his wife Jody) and originator of The Wonder Method, has been in the healing arts and involved in awakening for over 40 years. He evolved over the years through many disciplines including yoga, Qigong and the energy healing arts, and has continued to follow his path to awakening. He has written three books, two for Quantum Touch and one in his newest work, The Wonder Method: Energy Healing and the Art of Awakening Through Wonder, which was released in January of 2017. Alain works with people all over the world coaching one-on-one in the Wonder Method, doing healing work, as well as teaching groups via tele-conference. You can read more about the work at and you can see Alain at work in the trailer of the movie E-Motion.

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