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Monica Cassani: The Purpose of Life and the Human Conditioning

imageExcellence Reporter: Monica, what is the meaning of life?

Monica Cassani: I’ve been sitting with this question: What is the meaning of life? on the back burner for a good long while. Finally today, I realized that the reason I haven’t been able to come up with writing anything is because, for me, it’s the wrong question. I have no idea what the meaning of life is. I really don’t. It simply doesn’t resonate with me as a question that can or should be answered. I’m okay with accepting the mystery of our existence from this angle.

Today, in contemplation, however, my musings went to the purpose of life. And then I discovered that What is the purpose of life? does make sense to me. And so, I will take the liberty to answer that question rather than What is the meaning of life?

The purpose of life, as I see it, is to see through the conditioning we acquire from the moment we are born. It is this conditioning that is responsible for all the suffering and chaos in the world. It is our (inappropriate and disconnected) conditioning that is leading us to create a world that is currently on the brink of no longer being able to sustain us and most of life. The only purpose we can now have is to see through the ludicrousness of what we are told about what is important and to become awake and aware that we might save ourselves and all other species.

So, what is the conditioned self? It’s a collection of the beliefs we take on as a result of our environment and the people around us. It is not who we are. It is not our true nature. The conditioned selves of the world fight with one another trying to prove that our conditioning is better than our enemies conditioning. This is the source of all conflict. We all have conditioned beliefs that we will fight for unto death quite often. To think that our beliefs are actually better than anyone else’s is a frankly delusional proposition.

Clearly moving away from belief is not easy. It is something I practice. I might even say it is my most fundamental practice along with simply surrendering to that which is. Reality.

To wake up to the nature of reality is the purpose of life. And the nature of reality, is, essentially ineffable so I will end this here that the reader may contemplate its meaning for themselves.


~Monica Cassani has for the last decade written critically about the mental health system, while sharing many ideas of possible pathways to holistic healing without medication. Beyond Meds, her award winning website, documents and shares many natural methods of self-care for finding and sustaining health in body, mind and spirit. Having now gone through her own transformative healing process while also supporting that process in thousands of people around the world, she continues to allow life to unfold into the mystery that it is.

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