Charlene Spretnak: What is the Meaning of Life?

CharleneEmailEverything in the universe is structured by and functions through dynamic interrelatedness. Even the most minute part of our cells and organs, our blood, flesh, and bones are in constant vibratory interaction with vast fields of interrelatedness comprising everyone and everything around us on Earth and in the entire cosmos. Nothing exists apart.

To realize this — which is more difficult in the modern West than in indigenous cultures and traditional Eastern cultures — and to live in attunement with this truth of physical being yields a life rich in meaning.


~Charlene Spretnak is a cultural historian who has written nine books on ecology, spirituality, feminism, art, and the eco-social response to the crises of modernity. She is a co-founder of the Green Party in the US.

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Categories: Art, Awakening, Nature, Politics

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