Martha St. Claire: The Meaning of Life and the Light of Divine Love

Martha.jpgNicolae Tanase: Martha, what is the meaning of life?

Martha St. Claire: We are here to make a difference, to touch hearts, to heal others and ourselves, and to accelerate consciousness. We are here to love one another back to the Divine and along the way, to co-create Heaven on Earth.

During my last near-death experience, in a space of extreme clarity and Heavenly bliss, it all made so much sense.

We come from the Divine, we return to that endless Light, and in between, we are always one with God, Source, and All That Is, capable of sharing great light and love, just by the sacred nature of our beings, and capable of being agents of wonderful change in a world seemingly desperate for compassion, love, and understanding.

Our eternal souls choose this existence for a time and there truly is a divine plan and higher order to things, contrary to appearances.

In the midst of hugely challenging times on our planet, we may be filled with great doubt and confusion. We may feel anything but holy, trusting, and connected.

We may wonder who and what we are, life can seem unfair, and some may even question the existence of God, a higher consciousness, an after-life, or simply  basic goodness in others. We may have a hard time being kind to ourselves or self-accepting.

Often, my human self feels caught in an endless to-do-list, worn down by everyday tasks and limited by the illusion of a lack of time and I think, “Is this the only meaning to my life?!”

Yet, in transcended moments, I feel bliss and a sense of living out of normal time and space, and that all is well in the midst of an ordinary appearing day, in spite of how the world is and my related big concern and sadness.

In tough moments, we can breathe, be still, and choose to sense and seek the divine love that is always there for us and send that tangible peace and transforming love to others, if we but will.

The meaning of life is contained within a sacred fire, ever in the depths of our beings seeking to infuse our souls with that which was there all along. We have within an electric light of pure divine love, the greatest force in the universe, always at our beckon call.

You are an angel of infinite hope and goodness. You are part of a higher plan and vast universe that ever seeks to remind you and adore you. Life cherishes you, is grateful for you, and you give great meaning to life, just by being you! You are life!

May your light shine ever brightly, knowing that you are never alone, blessed by more than perhaps meets the eye.


~Martha St. Claire, M.A.,(formerly, Martha Cassandra Musgrave), is an inspirational speaker, writer, near-death experience educator, spiritual messenger, pet communicator, and energetic healer. Martha also works in hospital health care.

She is an evidential spiritual medium bringing comfort to those who have lost loved ones, including pets. She helps to bring greater awareness of the “other side”, knowledge of one’s ancestors and guides in Spirit, and transformational guidance for one’s life path.

Martha’s purpose is to awaken soul memory and divine consciousness within, vanquish any fear of death, bring comfort to the bereaved, and to work in community to accelerate and co-create Heaven on Earth.

Martha aligns with divine love and wisdom within, through using intuition, gifts of the spirit, prayer, and ritual, to assist in offering healing for others in their everyday lives. Under the direction of her Higher Divine Self, spirit guides, and angels, she offers inspired, practical guidance for the here and now, and also focuses on end of life, death, the after-life, and multi-dimensional realities.

She has served on the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) Board of Directors (2001-2003)and her NDE research was published in (IANDS), The Journal of Near-Death Studies (Volume 15, No. 3, Spring, 1997).

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