Rose Cole: The True Reason Why You Are Here

rosecoleheadshot-jpgThe question most people ask is “What is the meaning of life?” The meaning of life is simply that it is.

I think a more provocative and useful question is, “What am I doing here?” My take on this is that we came to experience humanity, in all of its pain and all of its glory. As hard as it may be at times to experience the pain and suffering that we create here in this world, I believe that we all chose to come here and incarnate at this time. This is the time and place that we very much wanted to come to. Before we were born, I believe that the eternal, all knowing, part of ourselves had objectives. Whether you realize it or not – you, the one reading this page right now, came here for more than just experiencing humanity, but also to consciously be a bearer of light and to help illuminate the path for others.

You and I came here to be conscious co-creators in the awakening and expansion of our consciousness. We have very specific objectives around our soul’s purpose, which I call our sacred purpose. Sacred Purpose is the real reason why we are here. Before we arrived, there existed some aspect of love that we personally wanted to become wise about. For us, it often includes what our work is in the world. When you hear “purpose”, you may think “Oh, this is about my work in the world,” but our Sacred Purpose is much bigger than that. Our Sacred Purpose includes the mission to assist the bigger emerging consciousness. Yes, this mission can include our work in the world, but it doesn’t have to. For example, your mission could be to fully embody forgiveness, to show others a new template for integrating their past wounding. Your unique abilities could be writing and speaking your truth. Your work in the world could be to make books and write a blog, as the channel for fulfilling your Sacred Purpose and mission. So you see, Sacred Purpose is the intersection of each of our unique abilities and God-given talents coming together.

You don’t have to know precisely what your Sacred Purpose is in order to start living into it. You don’t need to know the destination – you only need to know the first couple of steps in front of you. Keep making choices in your life that are in alignment with your truth and your soul, and before you know it, your path will pop into focus and come into alignment with your Sacred Purpose. Be brave enough to make it the most important thing in your life. Really step into it and own it, and consciously appreciate that everything has been leading to this very point in your life.

All of us that are part of this consciousness revolution, whether we realize it or not, are moving towards the full embodiment of our essence. The most important thing that I think we can do here, is to stand and come into further and further alignment with our Sacred Purpose – every day, with every action, and with every breath. Our Sacred Purpose is our center pole, that one thing that we must rally everything in our lives around. Decide to invoke your Sacred Purpose each and every day, and watch it unfold and become revealed to you. This is the reason why you came. Remember.

This is the true reason why you came. Remember.


~Rose Cole is a much-loved visionary leader and world-renowned speaker, co-author alongside Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil, popular featured guest on TV networks such as E! and MSNBC, and preeminent mentor and spiritual guide who has helped thousands create thriving and awakened lives. After a spiritual awakening in her twenties, Rose left behind a successful modeling career to be in service to others through hosting a series of inspirational programs and retreats, writing books, and sharing a powerful way of living she calls ‘Rituality’.

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