Master Alex Dong: Tai Chi and the Meaning of Life

fastset-7582-3Excellence Reporter: Master Dong, what is the meaning of life?

Alex Dade Dong: The meaning of life is different for each individual. The meaning of life is about the things that means the most to us. But more importantly, life should be about not creating problems, not giving burden to people and nature. Understand the way of nature, the balance and see beyond the problems. I believe if we spend more time learning and understanding about ourselves, we would understand the other issues of life better. Everybody sees the problems; some see the causes; very few see beyond the causes.

For me, my passion is Tai Chi. I devoted my life in the practice and teaching of Tai Chi. My Tai Chi family and my biological family means the most to me. I want to provide a comfortable life for my family and share my Tai Chi experience and knowledge with my students. At the end of the day, if I am smiling, content and able to relax, I feel it’s a successful one.

Wherever life goes and end up, it’s about the journey. Do it your way but try to stay out of the way of others. Do not live with worries, anger and hatred. These are the real killers. Find balance in life because any extreme is still extreme.

I have a simple life if partly because I am a simple person. I am happy because I accept the life I have created for myself. I stride for higher and I have dreams, But I don’t let anything get in the way of life.


~Master Alex Dade Dong is a fourth generation Taijiquan Master of the Dong (Tung) family. He started his formal training with his father, Grand Master Dong Zeng Chen at the age of five in Hebei Province, the heart of martial arts in China. In 1983, at the age of twelve, he moved to Honolulu, Hawaii where he continued his training with his father and also studied with his grandfather, Grand Master Dong Hu Ling who had a major influence on his learning. In 1991, Alex Dong was awarded the US National Tai Chi Chuan championship in moving push hands and the Best Martial Spirit Title for all competitors while representing the state of Hawaii.

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