Dr. Liu Dong: The Meaning of Life and Being an Ordinary Person

Dr LIU Dong.jpegExcellence Reporter: Dr. Liu Dong, what is the meaning of life?

Dr. Liu Dong: Many students have asked me what is the meaning of life? I always answer with a smile, “Life is to have an ordinary life, be an ordinary person.” Not to be attached to the color of life or to the interference of your environment.

An ordinary person is like ordinary soil. The earth is simple yet contains and transforms all things. The earth has three functions: reception of all things, transformation of all things, and rehabilitation of all things. Only in this way can we transform emotions and diseases.

Every day I perform Misha Zen for 30 minutes, to clear my mind and achieve the four levels: stable, calm, emptiness, and inspiration.

Getting rid of the fogginess in a cloudy brain can show us true peace. The fogginess of a cloudy brain is like the moving wind, water, and turbulence in a lake. In the moment of clarifying the brain, we see the clean water of the lake thus we think clearly and we start to appreciate each moment of life.

Numerous neuroscience researches show that when people practice Misha Zen meditation, the brain waves move into the Gamma state. The Gamma wave facilitates the ability to create power, love, happiness, and simplicity. At this time, a positive attitude integrates into our daily mental behaviors and guides us to a higher and purer energy. The Gamma waves also stimulate the left frontal cortex, which then increases. The enlarged frontal cortex makes people calmer, happier, and at peace with themselves.


~Dr. Liu Dong, comes from a family in which Qigong has been practiced from generation to generation. In early childhood he developed serious pulmonary tuberculosis. Each morning at dawn, his grandfather led him up into the mountains to practice Tai Yang Gong or Sun Qigong, and within a short time, his tuberculosis was completely healed. For this reason, Liu Dong has dedicated himself to Qigong.

Dr Liu Dong received his medical diploma in 1987 from the Chinese Faculty of Medicine in Beijing. Since then, he has continued his research in the field of Energy Medicine and Healing Qigong. He has worked with experts from China, Japan, America (e.g., Harvard School of Medicine) and France (e.g., National Health and Medical Research Institute in Marseille and Marmottan Hospital in Paris) and has completed many experiments and studies to show that Qigong can be very helpful in healing such problems as diseases of the immune system, allergies, depression, and hypertension and published several of books and articles in these areas. He also treated some powerful political personages such as Deng Xiao Peng.

After coming to France in 1989, he founded the Ling Gui Chinese Medicine School and opened a medical clinic, both in Paris. Dr. Liu Dong is associated with Dr. David of the Pasteur Institute in France, where he has completed research on allergies, specifically treating diseases associated with allergies with the application of Chinese Medical herbs. As a professor of Chinese Traditional Medicine, he teaches in the University de Bubigny in Paris, France and also in the University of La Sapienza in Rome, Italy. Currently you will find him teaching Medical Qigong workshops throughout the United States, the Ling Gui School based in the Pacific Northwest, and throughout Europe.

He is the author of Rejuvenation Through Vital Breathing, Editions Jilin Wen Shi, China; ABC du Qigong, Edition Jacques Grancher; Qigong – La Voie du Calme, Edition Jacques Grancher; Qigong, Co-authored with Dr. Caterina Martucci, Raffaello Cortina Editor; Stop The Pain With Chinese Medicine, in preparation,; The Mudra of Buddha. He has also contributed to many articles such as: Chinese Nature review; Science and Electronic Techniques; Chinese Journal of Medicine; Japanese Review Journal of Health; Chinese Journal of Experimental Clinical Immunology; Qigong In China.

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  1. I will love to train with a master of Qigong,so I can teach when I go back in my country ,Greece.I live in Vegas now until next year.Any suggestions?


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