Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit: The Meaning of Life — Between Facts and Opinions

womg-kiew-kitExcellence Reporter: Shifu Wong, what is the meaning of life?

Wong Kiew Kit: It is very helpful when discussing the meaning of life to appreciate the difference between facts and opinions, because much of the writing on the meaning of life concerns opinions.

Earning an income from one’s job, for example, is a fact. Whether he finds the job delightful or disagreeable is an opinion.

Sometimes, an opinion may have become so accepted that many people regard it as a fact.

A sunset is considered beautiful by many people that they regard it as a fact, when actually it is an opinion. An odd person may regard the same sunset as ugly. The sunset itself, i.e. when the sun is setting, is a fact. Whether it is beautiful is an opinion.

Life is beautiful. This statement is an opinion. It is beneficial, and often wonderful, to have this opinion.  To find meaning in life, therefore, one has to realize its beauty.

The beauty of life is often found in simple, everyday things, but we need to realize it, and to appreciate it. The beauty of life is actually all around us. When you look at a little child, or a stranger’s face, you can find beauty in it.

The beauty blossoms when the child or the stranger smiles. You may have to smile first, and often the other person will smile back.

A smile is another manifestation of life’s beauty. It opens the world, it makes you happy.

Some people may say that they cannot smile, or find beauty in life because there is so much ugliness in the world. It is often a matter of perspective, or opinion.

When a person is sick, for example, it is difficult for him to find beauty in life. This applies to most people, who in fact do not find life beautiful even when they are healthy.

But if this sick person has an extraordinary perspective of life, he can view his sickness, which is a fact, differently, which is an opinion. He can turn his sickness into an opportunity for improvement by practicing qigong (pronounced as “chi kung”).

As a qigong grandmaster, I have personally helped literally thousands of people overcome their so-called incurable diseases. Not only they regain their good health, which is actually natural, they find life beautiful. As a result of practicing qigong, they appreciate the beauty of life, especially in their daily work.

How does practicing qigong — genuine, high-level qigong — help people to realize the meaning of life? High-level qigong purifies their spirit. As a result of having a purified spirit, which is not religious, they find life beautiful.

The spirit is usually located in the heart – not the organ heart, but the spiritual heart, which also includes the emotional and the mental. The source of all beauty, the meaning of life, is here.


~Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit is fourth generation successor of the southern Shaolin Monastery at Quanzhou, and the founder of Shaolin Wahnam International with more than 60,000 students in over 35 countries. He was awarded “Qigong Master of the Year” in 1996 at the Second World Qigong Congress in San Francisco.

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