Master Shi Xing Mi: The Meaning of Life and Living Righteously

image1Excellence Reporter: Master Xing Mi, what is the meaning of life?

Shi Xing Mi: For me the meaning of life is to give life meaning, to embrace this journey as an opportunity to grow, learn, feel, share ….. to use this temporary physical time as another step in our spiritual development: traveling in our bodies to clear our minds, clearing our minds to free our spirits, freeing our spirits to help ourselves, helping ourselves to help others.

Experiencing the worldly to understand the spiritual, because the first can awaken us to embrace the second ….. in a process of cultivation that we call life. Without thinking too much about the meaning of it, but rather by simply trying to live it fully yet righteously, applying to every step boundless energy and absolute love.

Doing, thinking, smiling!


~Shi Xing Mi (Walter Gjergja) is a 32nd generation Shaolin Master, trainer, speaker and writer. Combining a life-long study of Shaolin culture in Asia with a high-level western education, Shi Xing Mi has become a leading exponent of Shaolin culture and appointed to a variety of prestigious international teaching and advisory roles, as well as authoring two books and being the protagonist of numerous television documentaries and press articles.

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