Lama Rangbar: The Meaning of Life — Precious Human Rebirth

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-9-55-25-pm-copyExcellence Reporter: Lama Rangbar, what is the meaning of life?

Lama Rangbar: Most sane people seek to find some meaning to their lives at some stage. Especially now, the insanity and chaos of our modern times is often too much for many to bear. This forces us to look inward for answers and rightly so.

From my own perspective, there is no single best answer and it can be easily said that life only has the meaning that one ascribes to it. Truly, it is up for each individual to decide what their own life means or to bring meaning to it. Intrinsic reality by definition must be objective whereas meaning is subjective and relative to something.

That being said, from another point of view, seeing things for what they really are, could be a most wonderful use of a human life. We do not wish to distort all that we see by our own obscuration or silliness. Tantric Buddhists use the term “precious human rebirth”  which is distinct from just an ordinary human rebirth which is squandered. If we recognize the rarity and inherent value of a human birth as a vehicle to either the lowest realms or highest understanding, then there is much at stake.

One is free to go wherever one wishes but can one do so willingly or are most of us swept around by the winds of karmic push which we have not even identified properly yet? It is easy to say we are free to go to Asia but do we have the plane fare, passport or the free time? From my own personal perspective, I feel there are always two measures most of us will somehow ask ourselves when we die: 1. Did we fully live our lives and enjoy it and 2. Were we able to make others happy too? But again, these are the two meanings I subscribe to myself and are not hard and fast rules for everyone as each person must decide that for themselves.

This was written by the one with the birth name Man, Son of Peace (Adam Friedensohn), a white clad yogi who appears to cross dress in these irrefutably confused times, in response to someone seeking meaning —

~Lama Rangbar is a Mantra lineage holder trained in the Dudjom Tersar lineage of the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition over the past 30 years. Having lived and trained in Nepal for more than 20 years, Lama exemplifies the transfer of Eastern Wisdom to Western mind. His teachings are always fresh and up to date yet solidly based on the unerring authenticity of the ancient school (Nyingmapa) tradition.

Several years ago Lama returned to the USA to establish a large scale world peace monument in NY state The Stupa of the Great Awakening. Lama teaches at several centers in USA, Nepal and Germany and lately has been involving in interfaith dialogues and  programs.

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