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Dr. Robert Mirshak: The Purpose of Life and the Healing Sound

Mirshak, Robert PhotoThe purpose of life is to open our hearts so that we may realize that we are all interconnected and that global peace is only a byproduct of inner, individual peace. More than ever, people are searching for ways to cultivate balance and equilibrium in their minds and emotions.

Actually, the human body is naturally designed to respond to sound. Therefore, in the years to come, advancements in sound will play an important role in helping individuals to achieve the mental, emotional and physical peace that is the necessary precursor to world peace.

Naam Meditation — which I have written about here —  is an advanced form of sound therapy clinically proven through research conducted by neuroscientists at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to have a tremendous healing impact upon the body. It is the only form of meditation practice shown to have lasting results. Those who know how to harness the healing power of sound will be of great service to humanity for not only can people work with sound to heal individually, sound can also be used by large groups to bring about subtle shifts in mass consciousness that allow for feelings of universal connectedness. For this reason, each year, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, the founder of Naam Yoga and a pioneer in the field of sound therapy, holds yearly massive gatherings for global peace. The last one in 2015 uniting an estimated 100,000 people from over 97 countries. (La Yoga Magazine has written a more detailed report here).

Through his precise understanding of the higher principles of sound, Dr. Levry makes possible what might seem to many like “miracle healing”, but which, in essence, is the practical application of the ancient technology of Naam (working with sacred sound) and cutting-edge science that helps both the individual and by extension the world at large to resonate at greater frequencies of love and compassion which are after all, conditions for global peace.


~Dr. Robert Mirshak is the Secretary/Treasurer of Board for Naam Yoga LA, part of the Naam Yoga Executive Team original directors and developers of NaamYoga which have operated operating with the objective to preserve and further the mission of Dr. Joseph Michael Levy, in addition to being President and Founder of Mirshak Artists Management, a 12-year-old business with offices in New York City and Los Angeles, and represents approximately thirty international artists.

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