Danielle Rama Hoffman: The Meaning of Life from Beings of Light

17_2This is Thoth and the Council of Light that are being Divinely Transmitted (channeled) by Danielle Rama Hoffman in response to this most delicious question, “What is the meaning of life?”

We would begin by saying that there is no one response, for the meaning of life is as this community denotes, quite bespoke for each individual. Each individual has a unique divine light mission or purpose in an incarnation. To live that mission will create a life of meaning and contribution. We are not speaking of career, we are speaking of essence and divine qualities embodied in a lifetime. What the meaning of life is for Danielle is to contribute light codes to this incarnation that simultaneously expand consciousness and embodies more of her essence and signature divine qualities.

To be one’s self, to live as one chooses and to expand beyond what was previously present would be another response to this question. From our perspective the meaning of life is what one places upon it. This is because it is a free will and conscious choice universe and the Earth Star is such that each individual has the choice to apply their life in any way they choose. If we were to share what our contribution is to the meaning of life, it is to be all that you be. Your actions overflowing because they simply are the natural outcomes of you being you.

We have enjoyed this interaction very much and would place on the altar of life the knowledge that you are a key that unlocks a very specified experience of your life. This isn’t a one size fits all universe. Our invitation to you is to live your life for you and as you. All is well and you are all, Thoth and the Council of Light.


~Danielle Rama Hoffman is a scribe, divine transmitter and leader in the shift into Unity Consciousness. Through her direct connection with Thoth and the Council of Light she offers retreats in Southern France, high level mentoring and online courses. She is the award winning author of The Council of Light and The Temples of Light and the creator of the consciousness evolving business

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