Al Beech: What’s The Meaning Of Life?

Copy of img204What is the meaning of life?
Why is it full of strife,
when we all crave peace and love?
Is there a God above,

that cares for you and for me
and hears us when we plea,
protect us from all evil
and the one called, devil.

Is he a spirit being,
that once donned angels wings,
who chose to be the monster
that brought the disaster

of human imperfection
and sinful compulsion?
If so, why does God permit,
such a wicked spirit

to continue to exist,
while we are but a mist?
Or is he a creation
of our imagination?

Did we crawl out of the  sea
and there’s no Almighty,
who made all that came to be,
large and to small to see?

If there is no Almighty,
what could life’s purpose be,
other than to live carefree,
until we pay life’s fee?

But what about the presence
of what’s called a conscience?
Why does it prompt us to share
and extend loving care?

The conscience proves God exists
and that we should all persist
obeying His instruction,
with appreciation,

to love Him and our neighbor,
no matter their color.
Doing so would set us free,
to be truly happy.

~Al Beech, 67 years old, semi retired small business owner.

Excellence Reporter 2016
Copyright © Al Beech

Categories: Poetry

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