Paulina Alanis: The Meaning of Life… Finding the Divine Flame Within

Sto Tomas 003 - Version 2Excellence Reporter: Paulina, what is the meaning of life?

Paulina Alanis: It’s a creative flow towards beauty, from the most simple to complex structures, life forms. It’s about light and darkness playfully meeting each other, colliding, shaping multiple light streams.

We as humans are fortunate to have many senses to perceive, a mind to interpret, a heart to feel, a body to experience and a soul to express. The meaning of life is to be human, to explore our humanness, discover, create and re-new ourselves by finding the divine flame within each of us, in others, in nature.

As part of my vision of life there’s Indrajāla (Indra’s net), the god Indra representing the forces of nature. Hanging within the walls of his dwelling is a vast net that stretches infinitely into all directions, to each knot in the net is attached a multi-faceted jewel. Each jewel reflects all the other jewels creating a splendorous multi-dimensional luminosity.

Perceiving the meaning of existence as being part of the net, as the jewel we reflect the light of all others, together creating infinite immense beauty. Feeling linked through the net knowing and recognizing that what’s shared, learned and experienced is transmitted between all beings, to each of the jewels in the universal net. Trusting that within the Indra’s net life evolves as it must.

I believe that the meaning we give to life has a direct strong and profound impact on our life experience


~Paulina Alanis is a transformative coach weaving psycho-shamanic exploration, shadow work and altered states in her integral transformational therapeutic work with clients. Paulina has been in Mexico researching on the use of ibogaine for self-realization and psychospiritual work, while also working and training with two ibogaine detox clinics in San Pancho (Mexico). She’s a spiritually driven explorer of the multi-dimensional self, through her strong spirit she inspires others to make things happen. She earned a Master’s degree in Integral Theory from the John F. Kennedy University (California) and has a certificate from Integral Coaching Canada. Through her studies and practice she discovers the hidden aspects of the self, integrates practices for compassionate living and explores the depth of the soul.

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