Sarada Chiruvolu: The Meaning and the Purpose of Life

Chiruvolu_1 (1) copyExcellence Reporter: Ms. Chiruvolu, what is the meaning of life?

Sarada Chiruvolu: To me, the Meaning  of Life  is to live fully and totally, enhancing our awareness and perception, so we can taste a larger slice of life with much higher capacity.

Life per se has no meaning to it and I feel there is no need to have a meaning…it just is. There is a certain amount of freedom that comes with just being and experiencing everything that is thrown at us. We are all part of that creation that is within each one of us, the inner divinity that is not separate. However, over time we have forgotten that. Instead of being who we are we have become something totally different.

To become conscious and familiar with our inner being is the sole purpose of life. Life is like a school and we are to experience everything that is to be experienced. By realizing the Truth we reclaim what has been lost which leads us to a higher level of evolutionary growth.

When all has been explored one gets that ability to transcend and realize that oneness of the existence, the unification of everything that is…..


~Sarada Chiruvolu is author of HOME AT LAST. She left a pharmaceutical career to pursue a spiritual calling. She set out on a unique journey that has taken her toward attaining realization of Self or Enlightenment through many years of deep meditation. Over the years since, she continues to lead a normal family life dedicating her time toward various philanthropic pursuits where ever she can make a difference. Her focus always is to address most of the rudimentary needs of people, because if these essentials are not taken care of then a detrimental cycle ensues. She lives in Princeton, NJ. She travels extensively to other countries and annually to India to work toward this mission.

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