Meredith Hogan: The Meaning Of Life — It All Comes Down to Love

17When I was a newborn baby my mother took me out into the May sunshine and sang to me while she nuzzled the soft lush petals of a pale pink peony into my nose and cheeks. With that single gesture of nurturing motherhood she opened my world. In that moment my life’s compass was set and I knew to my core that life is a gift of beauty.

As I grew I (of course) experienced the full spectrum of darkness, depression, pain, longing, illumination and ecstacy. Each experience brought more compassion and stronger desire to know and trust spirit as an ever present indwelling lover and friend. Each contraction becomes an opportunity to grow again. I believe we have come to the planet to expand our consciousness as we dissolve the limitations that keep us small and separate. Embodiment being a powerful key to our energetic healing and liberation from suffering.

In my tradition when we open sacred space we call in the 4 directions, thank our shared earth mother for all her nourishment and support and then thank the great spirit of life for the gift of one more day to sing and dance the song of creation. To me, that’s it. To sing and dance this great song of life together. To be ourselves completely to share our gifts, to serve one another and to hold the world and all it’s inhabitants in love as we all move in the direction of our chosen destiny.


~Meredith Hogan is a yogini, singer, dancer and healer. A humble and constant student of life, Meredith was born with an understanding that at the core of human existence, we are all sound and light. She was dancing and singing from the first moment and has been practicing yoga for over 16 years. She recently released her debut album Saturn Returns with her band GOODBYE GEMINI, a sacred healing record that weaves elements of ancient mantras, modern beats and contemporary electronic based musings. Meredith is light keeper and an earth keeper.

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